Volunteering In Nepal

Visiting Nepal ought not to be a pleasure trip always, sometimes you can live the pleasure out of a
trip and then at the same time also contribute back to the deprived and the less fortunate ones.
That’s when one is inclined towards volunteering & internship projects in Nepal and so many
other nations which need assistance and help from the abled people all around the globe. Such
uplifting opportunities can be accessed through many organizations stationed in Nepal and
www.excitinghimalaya.com is one of the platforms that make it possible. This site is owned and
maintained by Exciting Himalaya, a tour operator entity working to promote tourism, local
economy, volunteering & internship projects centred in Nepal.

About us
We are a group of entrepreneurs working together to bring about a change in the country through
social impact travel which includes locally-sourced travel, eco-travel, conservation travel and
volunteer travel. We are comprised of individuals who have worked in various sectors and been
to multiple nations. The point here is that we do have a certain perspective on the state of our
country and what needs to be to edified on a local level. Our whole effort here is to strengthen
the people and the economy of Nepal. Our company is officially registered under the Office of Company Register
with no. 179770/074/075 and is also affiliated to the small scale industries (Reg No 1113).
We, Exciting Himalaya also run a hostel, Hostel Himalaya and employ multiple employees as
well. We proudly present ourselves as an establishment which can provide you with ways to explore
volunteering options all over Nepal.

Our Mission
Though we are a profit organization from the surface, we equally believe in our mission to
disempower marginalization, eradicate child labour and emancipate women via well-designed
educational programs and community adjustment to promote equality, financial stability and
basic human rights. Our organisation partially yet fully focuses on reflecting back to the
community. We are a hard-working team, making sure that the needy get as much support as
they can and deserve. We do have various projects short and long in duration and quality with
the objective of achieving impactful results.

Volunteer Programs in Nepal
We offer a multitude of internship and volunteering programs to intensely carry out feasible
solutions which contribute directly to the lives of deprived communities in Nepal. Volunteers will
be involved in various activities in the communities and be responsible for various sets of tasks.
Our core belief revolves around giving rather than taking. Our programs include working at
schools, orphanages, monasteries, hospitals, construction works and so on. We suggest
volunteers-to-be on the best options for them or simply assist them with their choice.

Specific Objectives
By the amalgamation of expertise from local and international sources, we take a unique
approach to power and boost marginalized communities throughout Nepal. We also work to
break taboos and restructure ridiculous proscriptions. This is a genuine chance to give back to
the world.
We and our partners hope to achieve the following goals in Nepal through our volunteers who
visit us for volunteering in Nepal:
● Make women resilient via a number of approaches including education; income
causating actions
● Early Childhood Programmes
● Right to proper basic needs for all
● A free and liberated school environment to boost children’s creativity
● Aiding children, orphans and victims of conflict and abuse to resume education
● Making everyone involved English comfortable and flexible
● Raising education, health and social standards
● Addressing health issues and providing home remedies and cautions to fight diseases
and epidemics

● Establishing support groups for people with mental and emotional complexities
● Financial and social support to orphanages and the needy
● Providing international volunteers with the Nepal experience and revealing them the
the cultural richness of the country and making sure they have a memorable stay
● To provide safe affordable and structured volunteer work support for students and

Community-Based Volunteer Placements
Host communities throughout the country will be hosting volunteers for a once in a lifetime
experience. This diverse cross-cultural experience is a great opportunity to discover oneself and
breakthrough the barriers of our prejudices and our social conditioning and simply appreciate life
for what it is.