Traffic jam on Everest

Traffic Jam on Everest

Traffic Jam on Everest!!! Yes you heard that right, recently there was a traffic jam on the way to the top of the world. On 22nd of May this year the world highest point suffered from a traffic jam as more than 200 climbers endeavored to reach the top of the world. And obviously this traffic jam lead to major casualties, where people lost their lives and also many more were in terrible situation.

traffic Jam on Everest

So, what lead those climbers to death? Who is responsible? What is the cause?

First of all, everybody has a dream of reaching the top of the world and see the beautiful views. But that does not mean everybody should vie to climb the Everest, unless you are ready for it, and has complete the proper training for it. You should not only totally rely on Sherpa Guides, you must also be fully prepare. You must have proper basic skills to do so. The climbers who are not properly trained are not only putting their life in risk but also of the guide and the team. Taking the poor decision is a not a good idea. In my opinion, Government should fix the qualification criteria to climb the Everest.

Overcrowding and Poorly Trained

The deaths and other casualties in the Everest region this season have been blamed on overcrowding. And yes this is also one of the reason but is that all? No obviously not, another reason is negligence of own. One record of a climber tells that some of the climbers were insisting on reaching the top even if their oxygen is running out, which risks their life and that lead to death. Another reason is poorly trained climbers, who only not slow down themselves but also the others who are climbing. Many climbers has also complained about having to stay in the queue for more than over two hours above Base Camp IV on the way to summit.

Traffic Jam on Everest


Exhaustion is also another cause of leading climber to death. A 27 year oldy Ni guhal Bagwan died from exhaustion as he has stuck in the trekking jam and has to wait in queue for over 12 hours. It is clear that we don’t feel good waiting in normal traffic jam or to wait in queue to get something. Just imagine getting stuck in traffic jam on Everest above 28,000ft with cold, less oxygen, speeding winds and a big cliff down below. Undoubtedly it is much more exhaustion to wait in the queue above 28,000ft.

There is a threshold elevation for a person on how much someone can spend on a certain elevation point after that they get sick. Getting sick is one of the risk but it can be bring down to minimum by taking them back and providing treatment in time. But the main problem is being unable to descend from the top to bottom due to the massive line of climbers which makes it hard to get effective treatment in time.

Traffic Jam on Everest

Elia Saikaly says on twitter “I cannot believe what I saw up there. Death. Carnage. Chaos. Lineups. Dead bodies on the route and in tents at camp four. People who I tried to turn back who ended up dying. People being dragged down. Walking over bodies. Everything you read in the sensational headlines all played out on our summit night.”

In the end it is better if the government issues the qualification criteria to climb the Everest. And also how many climbers should get permit to climb in a single day. And Everest Base Camp can be also an option. What do you guys think to minimize Traffic Jam on Everest?