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13 Things You Should Not Do In Nepal

What Not To Do In Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country located in the lap of the incredible Himalayas. Rich in culture, traditions, biodiversity, and natural heritages Nepal is certainly the place you should visit at least once in your life. Talking about the beauty of Nepal, it is definitely a treat to your eyes. Visitors from all over the world are welcomed to this amazing country. There are some guidelines to follow so that your trip is memorable for all good reasons. You as a visitor can do certain things and should not do some things as well.

First things first, Nepal can be an ultimate experience for the people who want to know about new cultures and visit some amazing places. The hospitality of Nepalese people is by far the major attraction of Nepal. Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek are two of the most famous trekking destinations. If you come to Nepal anytime soon, Do visit these amazing destinations. Everywhere you go, you will be treated with a big smile on the face. Nepalese people are way too honest to be true.

You will definitely feel good after visiting Nepal and experiencing all these things. But, it’s not always about taking. It’s also about giving. No matter what the situation the thing you should never forget is giving respect. Giving respect is the first moral behavior that you can show. Here is a list of things that you should not do in Nepal. In other words, it is a list of what not to do in Nepal.

Nepal | What Not To Do


  1. Never disrespect anyone on the basis of color, religion, and traditions.
  2. Don’t try to touch women and other holy men. Women generally don’t greet by handshakes. They often do “Namaste” by joining palms of two hands and nodding head.
  3. Make sure you don’t get out of the hotel you are living in without any hotel cards or without informing the hotel staff.
  4. Never eat or talk about beef in front of Buddhists and Hindus. The cow is the national animal of Nepal and is considered as a sacred animal by the Nepalese people.
  5. Don’t step over a holy place or a hearth. Don’t forget to take out slippers or shoes in case you are visiting temples, shrines and other religious sites where shoes are prohibited.
  6. Never take photographs of people, temples or shrines unless you are allowed to take pictures with them knowing.
  7. Don’t lose your patience. Sometimes you may feel to raise voice against some people but that will only cause havoc.
  8.  Never eat in unhygienic places even though a lot of people might have been eating there. It will only cause you health-related problems that can be a burden on your trip.
  9. Don’t believe in an unknown person who tries to get friendly with you. They might rob you or harm you. Not everyone has the same intent.
  10. Never buy the monuments or antique replicas without proper authenticity. It might put you in legal trouble.
  11. Don’t forget your mobile phones or other important identity documents in case you are heading out.
  12. Never throw wastes or garbage in the road. Always throw them in the dustbin.
  13. Don’t walk around the stupas anti-clockwise so that the outer walls never come on the left.


In conclusion, I hope all these guidelines helped you a lot in knowing Nepal from a different point of view. If you follow all these suggestions, then I bet visiting Nepal will be your lifetime experience. Also, you will remember it for all the good reasons. It doesn’t only help you to travel and explore well but also helps to shape you as a better person. The experiences you will gain on the trip will be the teachers in your life. So, It’s your life and you should make it grand. Come, Visit Nepal and Travel for every good reason.