Sightseeing Around Kathmandu

Sightseeing Around Kathmandu

Kathmandu Durbar Square lets one have an insight on how the regal kings and conquerors lived in Nepal
a couple of centuries back and also forecasts their taste in architecture and various forms of art. Right in
front of the former Kathmandu Palace Kingdom, Durbar Square is one of many UNESCO World
Heritage Sites in Nepal. People with a fine taste in ancient engineering and architecture visit this place
once they are in Kathmandu and also because it reflects the long-preserved culture and lifestyle of the
Nepalese people. Many parts of the museum are opened for visitors and there is also a museum that helps
people understand history with the magnificent artifacts they exhibit. A gilding cage can also be seen
there which contains Kumari who is said to be the human reincarnation of the Hindu Goddess Durga.
Entry Fee: Free
Location: Durbar Square, Kathmandu.
Timings: From early morning to night.

Nagarkot is widely famous as an ideal spot for sunrise near Kathmandu because 8 out of the 13 Himalayan
ranges in Nepal can be unbelievably visible from this place. Also, the entire Kathmandu Valley can be
viewed from here along with other places such as Shivapuri National Park and Number Forest. This
location once served as the ancient fort to protect the Kathmandu valley and many other kingdoms as
well. However, today it is considered one of the most popular hill stations in all of Nepal where a short
holiday trip can never go wrong.
Location: Nagarkot, Bhaktapur District.
Best Time To Visit: October to March.

Swoyambhunath also is known as the Monkey Temple is situated on top of a serene and vibrant hill in the
Kathmandu Valley and is one of the most iconic and ancient homages to the awakened one, the Buddha.
A number of shrines, stupas, monasteries, museums and the main stupa make up the historical monument.
The entire place projects the image of the Buddha with temples painted with the eyes and eyebrows with
the number 1 in Devanagari local script painted as the nose of the lord.
Location- Swayambhu, Kathmandu
Timings: Open 24 hours throughout the Year
Price: Rs 200 for foreign nationals

Curious about how the monarchs in Nepal lived before it became a democratic country? Well, this is your
chance to visit the Narayanhiti Palace and Museum. The place is huge and every room in there is named
after the name of the districts in Nepal. This palace also holds memoirs of the darkest day in the history of
Nepal where the King and the Queen along with many other members of the family were assassinated

back in 2001. The bullet holes from the incident are still visible on some of the walls there which gives a
chilling sensation when you stand on the spot and try to imagine what had happened that day. But
nevertheless, this place gives one outlook of the gallant life of the kings and the queens.
Location: Kathmandu.
Timings:11 am to 4 pm.

Pashupatinath is considered one of the most significant religious places for Hindus and also holds
immense spiritual and mystical significance. The sacred place is said to be one of the most important
temples in the world and every individual who visits the capital pays homage to the place at least once.
The temple is also a world heritage site with an unending collection of images, shrines, inscriptions,
ashrams and temples. The complex also has a ghat(cremation place) where one can have a powerful
experience of watching a body burn and question the morality and the physicality of the human body.
The linga in the temple is considered as the head of Lord Shiva over 12 other Jyotirlingas in India.
Nepalese pagoda style of architecture was used for the construction of the temple which makes it sight
in itself. Also, spiritual seeks to describe the vicinity as still and peaceful yet vibrant and powerful for
Location: Kathmandu.
Timings: Open 24 hours.
Price: USD 4-10.

Miss home and think you are missing out on the home experience? No worries, we have got Thamel for
you. With International themed clubs and restaurants alongside many other entertainment places, you can
relinquish yourself with continental food and beverages you used to have on your local bar back in your
country. Also, the place is considered as the initial base-camp for all the tourists who visit Nepal.

Initially the private garden of the late Field Marshal Kaiser Sumsher Rana and originally known as The
Garden of the Six Seasons, this place was made open to the public in 2007. It is a fantastic and holistic
combo of exquisite flora with new-age architecture and is an escape from the hustle of the capital for
locals and tourists both. Additionally, this place is situated around Nepal’s largest library and the tourist
hub Thamel.

This is where you go to satisfy your fill of fresh fruits and vegetables. Ason is an outdoor supermarket
with everything from exotic spices, local food and local beverages where raksi(local liquor) is a popular
drink. So, save your whiskey for a while and drown yourself in Raksi. Ason is a major hub for farmers

who live in the outskirts of the valley and need a market for products they grow. Annapurna Temple and
Krishna Temple surrounds the place which gives this place a vibrant feel.

Kopan Monastery has been gaining a lot of interest in the last few years because this place is the perfect
escape from the hustle and bustle of the city which can be too much at times. Also, spiritual seekers come
here mainly for relaxation and meditation since the Monastery follows Tibetan Buddhism. Also, many
pilgrims visit the place for its historical and cultural significance. A number of students, teachers, monks
and lamas reside there and practice Buddhism there. This makes Kopan Monastery one of the most
interesting and awesome places to visit near Kathmandu.