Want to feel like an explorer? Like a true adventurer? How does a trip to the forbidden
lands of Nepal sound? The truth is that these restricted areas, not tampered by any external
influences blossom on the simplicity and ingenuity of the local people and as one might
assume, the natural beauties are wholly untouched and truly alive unlike any other
mainstream trekking regions all over the world. The beauty that took millions of years to
evolve got shaped and reshaped millennia after millennia with nature being the only
architect can be appreciated today and now. Nepal is already popular among travelers for
being a heaven on Earth and these places can be said to encompass the energy with the
source itself this mystic land holds. Simply put, when you touch these untouched lands,
only then, you touch Nepal, you know Nepal.
These lands: Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpa, Manaslu Region and Rolwaling Region to
name a few used to be restricted by the government of Nepal to all the foreign nationals till
1991 and even after they got re-opened past that, the name that sums up all these places
remains the same. Not many people visit these places because they are not that advertised
and the government wants to strictly control the flow of visitors. Even though they can be
accessed now, visitors need special permits, training, and documents to enter such regions
with teams of guides, porters, cooks and so on through a registered and trust-worthy
an organization like us, Exciting Himalaya Pvt. Ltd.
A brief outlook on these regions is given below:
Upper Mustang Trekking
Upper Mustang is one of the destinations which is garnering popularity these last years
from people who want to touch the untouched and pious land and become transcended
with what the world has to offer. The region flawlessly blesses us with enlightening
Tibetan culture and norms, caves and caverns that date back thousand years of age,
religious communities, and numerous other spectacles. Since this place has little to no rain,
the terrain gives us a desert vibe. Upper Mustang shares its culture, norm, customs, values
and lifestyle with nearby Tibet. Surprisingly and Excitingly, this particular region is
autonomous in itself and a ruler rules it even though Nepal is a fully democratic country.
On a positive note, many options are available these days to visit the land and realize the
beauty for what it is such as trekking, jeep rides, bike rides, etc.
Dolpa Region Trekking
The nation’s biggest flora and fauna conservation area, Shey Phoksundo National Park, is
located in Dolpa district where “Shey Phoksundo” is a lake inside the sanctuary. The park
hosts an exotic range of wildlife like the Musk Deer, Himalayan Blue Sheep, Snow
Leopard and so on and has an elevation of almost 3600 meters. This place is accessible
most of the time in the year except the frozen months that start from October till
Upper Rolwaling Trekking

Upper Rolwaling Trekking is considered a very less taken journey to the land of mystery,
cultures, and traditions, harmonious lifestyle, diverse flora and fauna, and the Yeti. Yes, the
abominable snowman credits the origin of the legend to this particular region.
Additionally, Tenzin Norgay, one of the first Mt. Everest Summiters is from this region
and Mount Everest falls in this region only. So, embrace the blend of culture, the solitude, and remoteness of the people, natural beauty and, the lifestyle that awaits you here.

Manaslu Region Trekking
Manaslu region is a newly paved trekking destination for a lot of visitors to Nepal and is
pinned in the west-central part of Nepal. The term ‘Manaslu’ comes from the name of the
mountain in this region which happens to be one of the 8 highest peaks in the world. The
entire region of Manaslu is a sanctuary which promotes eco-tourism to empower the
quality of life of the locals. The area that falls under this zone is managed by a body called
National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC) of Nepal.
Manaslu region offers a diverse range of trekking options to the trek-lovers. Manaslu
circuit trek, Manaslu Lower Eco Trek and Tsum Valley Trekking are some popular
trekking routes of this region. The most taken and popular Manaslu trekking route scours
the Manaslu range and heads straight to the pass down to Annapurna. The route used these
days for trekking used to be an ancient salt trading route and speaks stories. Hundreds of
mountain peaks of impressive heights can be seen while en route.

Some other regions which are equally liberating yet mostly not taken are:

Mugu Region, Darchula Region, Bajhang Region and so on.


Nepal is a beautiful Himalayan country in the world that offers trekking and adventure holidays for adventure seekers. Trekking in Nepal is a wonderful experience for those who want to combine a great walk along with an insightful cultural experience of diverse ethnicities. While trekking, travelers can enjoy the glimpse of Himalayan Mountains, hidden valleys, magnificent scenery, rich and ancient cultures and get an opportunity to contact local villagers and build relationships with people of another race, culture, and tradition. The trail into the interior parts of the country follows ancient foot trails, which meander through scenic riverbanks, intractably terraced fields and forested ridges connecting picturesque hamlets and mountain villages. Exciting Himalaya offers easy, moderate and challenging trekking possibilities lasting from a few days to almost a month. Previous experience is not necessary for easy and moderate treks. All our treks are supported by expert local guides, porters, and helpers. However, a good level of physical fitness and stamina is mandatory.

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