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car rental in nepal

 Are you searching for car rental in Nepal? No worries! We provide all kinds of car hire services throughout Nepal which includes visits to world heritage sites, world-popular monuments and also dozens of other fascinating places. We are a well-known car rental service provider in Nepal. Also, We are equally well- known for tours and trekking packages all over the country.

Why rent Car from Exciting Himalaya?

The vehicle rental service provided by us is best known for a newer vehicle at a low cost. One of the main benefits is you can customize your own car. Cars of various brands are available with us. Tourist bus, jeep, car, van, Scorpio, Minibus are some of the vehicles which can be easily hired. Though, various other options are also in the stock.  Travel wherever you want with full freedom and independence.

‘Satisfaction of Customer’ is the main motto of our company and we are one of the renowned car rentals in Nepal. So We are here to make your journey as comfortable as possible. Also, you need not need to do long paper works, with just some clicks you can have your car.

Features of Car Rental :

  • Quality service with no trade-off.
  • Car Rental price varies with your destination and brand you choose.
  • We will certainly furnish you with information on the numerous excellent sights in our brilliant city.
  • Experienced and Well-trained drivers.
  • Supportive staff to carry your baggage and require assistance.
  • We’ll ensure that you will be gotten and dropped at the ideal time.

Therefore, you need not need to hesitate to make a call or book with us. We are here to make your trip more enjoyable without worries. For any further inquiries call us at +9779808960486 and you can also find us on IMO, WhatsApp, and direct call as well.

Here is some outlook on vehicle services we provide which includes one-day options along with our main packages.

  • Airport pick up and drop
  • Kathmandu Sightseeing Half-day
  • Kathmandu Sightseeing Full-day
  • Nagarkot Sunrise by Car
  • Kathmandu to Pokhara drop by Car
  • Sightseeing around Pokhara
  • Kathmandu to Chitwan drop by car
  • Kathmandu to Lumbini drop by car
  • Pokhara, Kathmandu, Chitwan and Lumbini Round Trip
  • Muktinath tour by Scorpio van

Airport pick-up and drop

We provide comfortable and hassle-free pick-ups and drops in spacious automobiles from the only International airport in Kathmandu. Also, cars can be made available in all the local airports as well for those who visit other places around Nepal.

Kathmandu Sightseeing Half-day

Kathmandu is a city so alive and diverse than those who hustle here want to hustle more and more. This capital impressively boasts 7 of the UNESCO world heritage sites out of the 10 in all of Nepal. We include 4 of those sites in our module of excursion namely:

Boudhanath– An iconic place for Buddhists all over the world, Boudhanath is considered the most serene stupa in all of Kathmandu. One of the noticeable features in this structure is the mandala features. Believers all around the world pay respect and regard to this holy space.

Swoyambhunath– Another ancient transcendental space that ranks second only to Boudhanath is the Swoyambhunath. Like many other stupas, this particular establishment is popular for positive energy and vibes. Visiting swoyambhunath has always been eye-opening.

Kathmandu Durbar Square– Also popular as Basantapur Darbar Kshetra facing the old royal palace of the former kingdom of Nepal is the Kathmandu Durbar Square which boasts the ancient palaces of the then ruling Malla and Shah kings. Not just palaces, the square consists of courtyards and temples as well. It is known as Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square, denoting the statue of Hanuman who was an unswerving devotee of Lord Rama.

Pashupatinath– Pashupatinath is considered one of the most significant religious places for Hindus and also holds immense spiritual and mystical significance. The sacred place is said to be one of the most important temples in the world and every individual who visits the capital pays homage to the place at least once. The temple is also a world heritage site with an unending collection of images, shrines, inscriptions, ashrams and temples. The complex also has a ghat(cremation place) where one can have a powerful experience of watching a body burn and question the morality and the physicality of the human body.

Kathmandu Sightseeing Full-day by Car

In addition to the places mentioned in half-day sightseeing namely Swoyambhunath, Boudhanath, Pashupatinath, and Kathmandu Durbar Square, a few more places are included into the fuller version of this excursion which are:

Narayanhiti Palace– Curious about how the monarchs in Nepal lived before it became a democratic country? Well, this is your chance to visit the Narayanhiti Palace and Museum. The place is huge and every room in there is named after the name of the districts in Nepal. This palace also holds memoirs of the darkest day in the history of Nepal where the King and the Queen along with many other members of the family were assassinated back in 2001. The bullet holes from the incident are still visible on some of the walls there which gives a chilling sensation when you stand on the spot and try to imagine what had happened that day. But nevertheless, this place gives one outlook of the gallant life of the kings and the queens.

Kopan Monastery– Kopan Monastery has been gaining a lot of interest in the last few years because this place is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city which can be too much at times. Also, spiritual seekers come here mainly for relaxation and meditation since the Monastery follows Tibetan Buddhism. Also, many pilgrims visit the place for its historical and cultural significance. A number of students, teachers, monks, and lamas reside there and practice Buddhism there. This makes Kopan Monastery one of the most interesting and awesome places to visit near Kathmandu.

Nagarkot Sunrise by Car

Nagarkot is widely famous as an ideal spot for sunrise near Kathmandu because 8 out of the 13 Himalayan ranges in Nepal can be unbelievably visible from this place. Also, the entire Kathmandu Valley can be viewed from here along with other places such as Shivapuri National Park and Number Forest. This location once served as the ancient fort to protect the Kathmandu valley and many other kingdoms as well. However, today it is considered one of the most popular hill stations in all of Nepal where a short holiday trip can never go wrong. The car will pick you up at 4 am in the morning so that the sunrise is not missed.

Kathmandu to Pokhara  by Car

For people who value their space and need solitude and at the same time want to probe their own travel and trips, this option is really smooth compared to going to Pokhara on a bus. Also, finding a bus can be a limited option since spacious buses depart only once in the morning only.

Sightseeing around Pokhara

Talbarahi– Tal Barahi is a unique temple that is built on the most popular lake in Pokhara and devotees and visitors reach this sacred place of worship via a boat. Goddess Durga is the primary deity here and holds massive significance for Hindus.

Sarangkot– Sarangkot is widely popular as a paragliding spot and a viewpoint that offers strikingly spectacular views of Pokhara as it lies in the outskirts. Mountain ranges that complement the city are clearly visible through this place and some people get a kick out of it for just this quality.

World Peace Stupa– It is pagoda style sanctum that is located on the hilltop of Ananda hill which represents collective world peace as the name itself suggests. Visitors either trek to the hill or take an automobile via a different route but the former option is recommended by many for the serenity and the greenery, the route presents.

Fewa Lake– Later in the list but second to none of the other places is the Fewa Lake. It would be unanimous if only somebody claimed that it is the most popular and visited a lake in all of Nepal. The lake is monitored by a dam and the source of water is the Seti River which in itself is a popular stream.

International Mountain Museum– This mountain represents the history of mountaineering in Nepal It has managed to accumulate some of the most important things that concern mountains including some of the gears used by famous mountaineers. Also, model mountain activities are possible here.

Bindyawasini Temple– This temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Bhagawati and holds the utmost significance for the people. Surrounded by the Himalayan ranges, this place is an epitome of serenity, peace and belief.

Mahendra and Bat Cave– Pokhara is a city to thousands of caves but only a few areas popular. Mahendra Cave and Bat Cave are sister caves and complete each other. The exotic geography of Mahendra cave and chilling movements of the bats in Bat cave are usually worth a visit.

Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave– This cave is a hybrid in a sense that it is a cave and at the same time it is a temple as well. A Shivalingam is installed to the end of the cave and water drips from all over the ceiling of the cave. This has been considered a transcendental and unique experience by many.

Davis’ Fall– This particular manifestation of nature is so unique that the fall passes under the highway and reaches the earlier mentioned Gupteshwor Cave and you can reach
this fall through the deep tunnels of the cave as well.

Kathmandu to Chitwan drop by car

Brand new spacious and comfortable automobiles are available with us and can be booked with the speed of Flash. Also, we believe in providing matured and experienced chauffeurs. The trip takes about 4-6 hours and stops on the way can be made according to your convenience.

Kathmandu to Lumbini drop by car

The trip starts from Kathmandu and passes Naubise on the way only to reachNarayanghat on the Prithvi Highway. From here onwards, we continue forward via Mahendra Highway which is also called East-West Highway. It takes almost 7-8 hours to reach Lumbini.

Kathmandu to Pokhara, Chitwan and Lumbini Round Tour

This is one of the best ways to travel all of Nepal even though these three places do not represent all of Nepal but then they are the most popular places in this Himalayan land. The duration of the trip can be customized as per needs. Since this is around, we start off at Kathmandu and finish our tour back here only.

Muktinath tour by Scorpio van

Muktinath is mesmerizing temple significant to both Hindus and Buddhists as Lord Bishnu is worshiped there. This is the perfect manifestation of a common belief and religious harmony between two religions and the world should learn something out of it. On route, a hot spring locally called Tatopani is located which is even believed scientifically to cure many ailments and is a popular stopping point for almost all the visitors who pay homage to Muktinath. In addition, the deepest gorge in all of the planet can also be seen around the vicinity. Seti Gandaki and many other rivers are home to flora and fauna which have been fossilized thousands of years ago and some of those rivers can even appear black. Also, the famous Thakali Khaana( Dal Bhat) finds its root back to Mustang as the Thakalis are the original inhabitants of Mustang and Manang. Last but not least, a huge portion of apples yielded here are supplied around the country, therefore, making this location popular as “City of Apples.” Exploring all of this in your private Scorpio can add sweetness to the trip. The duration is normally 4 to 5 days but can be customized and the trip can cost almost 500 $.

We also offer more services other than car rental :

  • Here are our additional services:
  • Pokhara bus ticket
  • Chitwan bus ticket
  • Lumbini bus ticket
  • Kathmandu to Delhi bus ticket
  • Mountain flight
  • Domestic airlines ticket in Nepal

Pokhara bus and air ticket
We provide east and hassle-free air as well as bus ticketing options to our clients and can help you with airport pick-ups and drops as well.

Chitwan bus and air ticket
From people who enjoy bus rides in this mountainous land with a touch of Nature to people who have instant motion sickness, we have got your back. We do have connections with major bus service providers namely Baba Travels, Jagadamba Travels, Landmark Travels and so on and airline companies such as Buddha Air, Yeti Air, Tara Air etc.

Lumbini bus and air ticket

We proudly make your travel comfortable and less messy by selecting the best options for you.
Ticketing has never been a problem for us because we believe in the convenience of our guests.

Kathmandu to Delhi bus and air ticket
Not just domestic buses and flights, we do provide international options to travel to Delhi as well.

Mountain flight
Gliding through the most iconic popular Himalayan Ranges on the planet is generally everybody’s dream and we can help you take that step to fulfill your wishes.

Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, Simara and Ramechhap air and bus ticketing
Our primary goal has always been to connect visitors from around the world to various places in Nepal. This approach is always beneficial and revolutionary as the places tourists visit can get uplifted and they also get to experience the beauty of the Himalayan land.

Kathmandu to Lukla air ticket
The gateway to the epic Mount Everest can be unlocked through Exciting Himalaya Pvt. Ltd, since we deal with trips, tours, and excursions and helping our guests to reach classic places, gives us joy.